New Account - Credit Application
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Dana Distributors - New Account - Credit Application Form (With Liqour License) 

Dana Distributors - New Account Non Alcoholic  (Non Liqour Licensed Account) 

Sales Team

Tom Kennedy, General Sales Manager, 845-294-4100

Bob Sena, Sales Manager Orange County 845-615-3247

                Chris Buckes, Account Manager 845-615-3238

                John Dombrowski, Account Manager 845-615-3221

                Brian Duggan, Account Manager 845-615-3237

                Matt Zepf, Account Manager 845-615-3234

John Hess, Sales Manager Sullivan/Orange County 845-615-3230       

                Darren Brodmerkel, Account Manager 845-615-3240

                Mike Gula, Account Manager 845-615-3225

                Paco Rodriguez, Account Manager 845-615-3242

                David Rhodes, Account Manager 845-615-3244

Jim Morina, Sales Manager Rockland County/Warwick 845-615-3233

               Jermaine Lee, Account Manager 845-615-3243

               Shawn Pettno, Account Manager 845-615-3224

                Donny Roth, Account Manager 845-615-3239

                James Ognibene, Account Manager 845-615-3241

Chris Lagarde, Non Alcoholic Sales Manager 845-615-3250

               Joe Betro, Account Manager 845-615-3272

               Wayne Bianchetta, Account Manager 845-615-3273

               David Stoud, Account Manager 845-615-3270

               Daron Fuller, Account Manager 845-615-3271

               Chris Piccallo, Account Manager 845-615-3269

Chris Alverado, High End Account Manager 845-615-3255

Paul Welt, Shelf Space Category Manager 845-615-3231

Wayne Vetro, Operations Manager 845-294-4100

Christine Sullivan, Office Manager 845-294-4100

Ashley Higgins, Shelf Space Reset Manager 845-294-4100


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